Sakura Night Out in Tokyo with local guide on March 27th
$55 USD
3 hours tour with guide, English language

Sakura Night Out in Tokyo with local guide on March 27th

$55 USD

Let’s drink with a local guide at a lively Seafood Izakaya in Ueno where many locals drink every night

Spring is the only time to see the cherry blossom in full bloom, which is a true Japanese symbol, so don’t miss it!

Let’s eat Japanese traditional foods and snacks under the cherry blossoms.

The Trip Creator

Hi. I'm Shoto.
Cherry Blossom in Japan attracts not only Japanese people but also people all over the world.
We plan this tour for everyone to share the experience of enjoying food and drinks under cherry blossom trees, the event in Japanese is called “ohanami”
At night Cherry Blossom trees are lit up which makes for a elegant and beautiful view.
Learn about the history and the different kinds of Cherry Blossom in Ueno Park, which holds over a dozen Cherry Blossom trees.
You'll know more about Japanese culture after this tour.
Let’s make a beautiful memory by viewing cherry blooms!
I'm looking forward to drinking and talking with you!

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$55 USD

3 hours tour with guide, english language

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