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Privacy Policy

Libra Inc.(noted as "the company" in the following), handles visitor information which includes personal information in the company's service (noted as "this service "in the following) by the privacy policy (noted as "this policy" in the following) as follows.

1. Collected visitor information and collection method

In this policy, the "visitor information" here means of customer identification information gathered through the generation or information accumulated through the action history in the terminals of communication services such as smartphones and computers. The customer information that the company gathers in this service is collected as follows.

(1) Information provided by customers Information our customers provides the company with is as follows.

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Birth date
  • Credit card, paypal, or other payment information
  • Companion information
  • Other information customers fill in on the provided form

(2) Information other services provides when the customer allows cooperation with other services In usage of this service, by the customer allowing cooperation with outside services, such as the social network services, these services provides the following information. -ID of the visitor in the other service -Information the customer accepted disclosure in the privacy settings of the cooperating service

(3) Information the company collects by the customer using this service the company may collect information on the access situation and its usage -Terminal information -Log information -Cookie and anonymity ID -Positional information

2. Purpose of use

2-1 Customer information may be used for other purposes than mentioned in 2-2, for other purposes which are established in 2-3. 2-2 The concrete purpose of customer information usage in offering services in this service is as follows.

(1) For offering this service, maintenance, protection and improvement

(2) For correspondence to guidance and inquiry for this service

(3) To cope with the act of violation towards the agreements and policy (noted as "agreements" in the following)

(4) To notify the changes in agreements of this service

(5) The customer supplies customer information when making reservation to transportation, restaurant, accommodation, art museum, museum, movie theatre, temple, or other trip-related services (noted as "trip-related service provider" in the following). This service provides information for the customer’s trip such as transportation, a restaurant, the accommodations, an art museum, a museum, a movie theater, temple or other trip-related services (called "a trip-related service provider" as follows.).

(6) Purposes associated with the usage purpose mentioned above 2-3   Purposes other than the ones mentioned in 2-2 are as follows Purpose of Use Items of customer information for support

(1) to make machined statistical data with indistinguishable individuals in conjunction with the service -Terminal information -Log information -Cookie and anonymity ID -Positional information

(2) For indication or advertisement delivery for the third party or the company -Terminal information -Log information -Cookie and anonymity ID -Positional information -E-mail address

(3) Usage for other marketing -Full name -Address -E-mail address -Birth date

3. Notice, publication or agreement acquisition method and usage cancellation request method

3-1 In the following customer information, the user's consent needs to be obtained before the collection is carried out

(1) Terminal information

(2) Positional information 3-2 The user may demand an end of usage on a part or all of customer service by changing the predetermined settings of the service, and when this occurs the company is to establish this immediately. In addition, depending on the items of the customer information, and since information gathering is the premises of the service usage, the collection will be stopped only when the user resigns through the company's appointed method.

4. Third party offer

The company will not provide personal information in the customer information without obtaining the customers consent unless disclosure of personal information is demanded through personal information protection law or other laws. But this limit does not apply in the following cases.

(1) when the company finds necessity in handling a part or all of personal information for reasons of achieving usage purposes

(2) when personal information is offered with succession on business by merger or other reasons

(3) when according to Clause 4, personal information is offered to the intelligence module provider

(4) when it is necessary to cooperate for the person receiving the engine of the country or local public entity or trust and in cases where obtaining the customer's consent may lead to the company office's disadvantage

(5) when correspondence occurs to the prohibition act of the established terms of use and judgment is made that the customer gives disadvantage to the company or the third party reasonably

(6) in cases where it is necessary for promotion of sanitary improvement or healthy upbringing of the child in particular, and it is difficult to gain consent of the customer

(7) when accepted through personal information protection law and other legal cases

5. Disclaimers of the third party offer

The company will not take any responsibility of personal information acquisition by a third party in the following cases.

(1) when the customer uses the service to reserve, purchase, make inquiries, request documents which provides the trip-related service provider with personal information (please contact the trip-related service provider directly for their information on handling of personal information)

(2) when the customer uses the service's function or another way to clearly provide personal information themselves

(3) when personal information is offered by the customer on a site link put on the service leading to another site

(4) when another personnel obtains information that distinguishes the individual customer

6. Disclosure of personal information

When demanded of disclosure of personal information by the customer based on personal information protection law, the company will, without delay, disclose information to the customer after verifying that the demand is by the customer (if the personal information asked for does not exist, the customer will be notified of it). But if the company is not obligated to disclose the information supported by personal information protection law or other laws and ordinances, this will not be followed. As for personal information disclosure, demand the disclosure on paper and mail the request to the address as follows. The fee of 1000yen per each will be held by the customer themselves.

Address: Takamichi Bldg. 5F, 2-15-16 Nihombashi-Ningyocho, Chuo, Tokyo, 103-0013 Japan, Libra Inc.

Post in charge:  MagicalTrip Administration

7. Correction or suspension of personal information

7-1 Under the following circumstances, after verifying that the demand is by the customer, the company will conduct necessary investigation without delay, and through the results make correction of the personal information or conduct suspension, or if under rational reasons corrections nor suspensions are not to be performed, the customers are to be notified either way.

(1) when provided by personal information protection law that personal information is false and demand for correction occurs, or

(2) when asked for suspension is requested based on personal information protection law under reasons of the information being used beyond the purpose of use announced or is information gathered through injustice

7-2 If told by the customer to delete customer personal information, and the company judges its necessity, the company will remove the demanded personal information after confirming that the request was made by the customer, and will notify the customer.

7-3 If obligations are not followed when the company asks for corrections or suspension due to personal information protection law or other laws, the rule of clause 2 is not applied.

7-4 The responsibility of personal information provided to be up-to-date is to be of the customer themselves.

8. Management of personal information

The company works toward enforcement of appropriate security measures to prevent loss, misuse, modification of personal information. Personal information is kept under a safe environment where general users do not have access to. But we ask for your understanding that there is no perfect method to manage personal information of the customer safely.

9. Inquiry window

For opinions, questions, complaints on handling customer information, please send the inquiry to the address below.

Address: Takamichi Bldg. 5F, 2-15-16 Nihombashi-Ningyocho, Chuo, Tokyo, 103-0013 Japan, Libra Inc.

Post in charge: MagicalTrip Administration

10. Privacy policy procedure changes

The company will review operative situation and handling of customer information appropriately and shall make continuous improvements and changes as needed. When changes are made, customers are notified through postings on the company's website. But in cases of where change in contents needs the customer's agreement by law, the company will obtain the customer's consent through the company's predetermined methods. Enforcement date April, 2016


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