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Wondering what to do in Kyoto, Japan? Explore cool areas like Gion, Arashiyama, Pontocho and Kiyomizu with local tour guides during your Japan trip!

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What are people saying about our tours in Kyoto?

imageGuided by Shota
reviewed by: Jason

We had an absolute blast, only wishing we were back in kyoto. Shota showed us a lot of awesome hidden spots and share plenty of 8nsight to the drinking/bar culture of Japan 100% would recommend!

reviewed by: Jun Yi Lim

An enchanting evening that transported me to another time and place. The combination of history, culture, and entertainment made for an unforgettable experience. I can't recommend this tour enough!

imageGuided by Mayu
reviewed by: Pamela

Mayu was the best. Had a terrific , informative time.. we can’t recommend it enough! Really interesting part of the city too. Just sign up…you won’t be disappointed!

imageGuided by Miori
reviewed by: Salina

I love them! Very insighful, engaging, and happy to answer all your questions. Sake tasting was great, definitely worth it. Thank You Miori & Hikaru!!

imageGuided by Naru
reviewed by: Dmitrey

A great hike of the mountain with a lot of information about Fushimi Inari and Kyoto. The guide Naru was answering questions from the group and was helping with the photographs for the tour.

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