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Tokyo Bar Hopping Night Tour in Shinjuku

Tokyo Bar Hopping Night Tour in ShinjukuAn introduction to Izakaya food & drink culture

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  • 3.5 hour tour
  • Small group tour
  • English speaking guide

What makes this tour unique

  • Bar hop the hidden bars at night in Shinjuku that are usually hard to find for tourists
  • Enjoy some local street food & drinks that the locals highly recommend
  • All-in-one bar hopping tour. Drinks & food are included so you can come to the tour empty-handed
  • Hop through 3 hidden local bars and pubs with a friendly local food tour guide
Why Tommy Recommends This Tour

Tips and recommendations by our official guides

Hi! I've traveled to many countries. Through the experiences, I saw a lot of different cultures and customs, which made me realize how unique the Japanese culture is.
One of the unique cultures of Japanese people is drinking in local bars called "Izakaya", and I would love to share it with you in this bar hopping/pub crawl tour in Tokyo!

In this Tokyo Bar Hopping tour, we will guide you to our favorite Japanese style bars (Izakaya) and food alleys in Shinjuku, and let you feel Tokyo's culinary scene as well as the authentic Tokyo nightlife.

Izakaya can be found only in Japan and is a tiny cozy bar / pub that serves small plates and alcohole drinks that go along with foods.
On this tour, there are lots of delicious and authentic local foods you can try, such as Yakitori, Gyoza (Japanese dumplings), Fried Tofu, and much more! Try Japanesa sake, cold beer or local drinks that you can only taste in Japan along with the delicious dishes!

MagicalTrip carefully handpicked the best food & drinks combos, enough for a full dinner meal served at each izakaya bar. This is an All-in-one bar tour. Drinks & Foods are included. So, you can come to tour empty-handed.

You can select from various types (over 30 kinds) of recommended foods and drinks. Also, a vegetarian menu is available. You can order the foods you like based on the tour guide's explanation and recommendation in each Izakaya, so don't worry even if you are a vegetarian or have food allergies. We offer food & drinks at a special price much cheaper than the actual price!

Of course, you can order additional food and drinks at each bar on your own. The local people are super friendly, especially when they drink at night. Let's have a drink (or a lot of drinks) with them!

Our local tour guide will take you to places you can't find or enjoy by yourself, and make you enjoy the Tokyo Nightlife like a local!!
On top of that, this is a small-group food tour, so you can enjoy the time like going out with friends! (Please check our reviews on TripAdvisor!)
Solo travelers, friends, couples, and family, all are welcome!
Join us on this pub crawl adventure! Let's have an awesome experience together in this unique atmosphere without any cultural or language barriers!


Official guide

What's included
4 drinks
You can choose from our selections in the tour.
3 local dishes
Enough for a full dinner meal. (Vegan menu available)
Photos during the tour
You'll get photos taken during the tour by your guide which will be sent to you after the tour via email.
An english-speaking guide
Hopping 3 local izakaya bars with a local guide

Discover the Hidden Food Alleys and Bars in Shinjuku at Night - Pub Crawl Izakaya Bars like Locals

On arrival at the meeting point, our tour guide will take you around the lively food alley in Shinjuku, one of the biggest nightlife districts in Tokyo. Small traditional izakaya bars and food stalls grill fresh chickens, seafoods, and vegetables. For the first bar in this night tour, you'll be crawling through these bars. Here, you can experience the backstreets of Tokyo and enjoy authentic local street food such as Yakitori, Fried Tofu, Gyoza, grilled vegetable, local beer, Japanese sake** from our selections on this Tokyo Bar Hopping Night Tour!

Pub Crawl through More Local Bars in Kabukicho- Experience various types of Izakaya bars

After visiting the first bar, we'll be hopping to 2 more bars in Kabukicho and Shinjuku 3-chome areas. These izakaya bars in the nightlife district also get pretty crowded with local office workers drinking with their co-workers after work at the tiny bars. It's always packed and difficult to get a seat without reservations. But don't worry, we'll make reservations ahead of time to help you navigate through our favorite local bars that serve great local food and drinks. Also, This is an all-in-one tour. All drinks & foods are included so you can come to the tour empty-handed!

Immerse Yourself in Japanese Drinking Culture at Night in Tokyo! - Expect a Lot of Interactions with Locals in our Small-group Pub Crawl Night Tour!

During the tour, you'll get to play local games such as quizzes, and be able to break down cultural & language barriers to have an entertaining Bar Hopping experience in Tokyo while interacting with locals and enjoying good Japanese food & drinks!! Enjoy the great bars Tokyo has to offer and have an awesome night out in Tokyo with locals.

Meeting Point

In front of Black pillar (Next to Uniqlo Shinjuku Nishiguchi shop)

See on google maps
  • 7-8 minute walk from JR Shinjuku station West Exit
  • Our guide will be holding a red/orange sign saying "Magical Trip"
  • Nearest exit from Shinjuku station is D1.


  • Meeting Place: Uniqlo Nishiguchi Shinjuku Shop
  • Omoide Yokocho Alley (1 bar)
  • Kabukicho (1 bar)
  • Another bar in Shinjuku area
  • Return to Shinjuku station
  • (You can stay at the last bar if you like)
  • The restaurant industry faces difficulty in hiring restaurant staff and training them due to many restaurant staff quitting or having gotten laid off during the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, food and drinks at some restaurants may be served late and the tour might last longer than originally scheduled. We kindly ask for your understanding
  • Because most Japanese restaurants are not fully ready for providing vegetarian menus, limited choices of vegetarian foods in our tour is available.
  • Anyone over 15 years old can join this tour but by Japanese law, only those who are 20 years or older are allowed to drink alcohol.
  • You do not need to pay for the guide's food and drinks
  • This tour could possibly include places where smoking is not prohibited. Please note that we may not be able to change the tour venues in this case.
  • The itinerary for this tour includes some locations that are not accessible by a wheelchair or stroller.
  • This tour is not recommended for people with mobility issues, if you have walking problems we recommend booking a private tour.
  • Please note that we are unable to guarantee allergy-free or cater to dietary restrictions as the food is prepared in kitchens that do not belong to MagicalTrip. Additionally, there may be instances where substitutions are not possible at certain stops; however, we will make every effort to compensate at different stops throughout the tour.
  • Out of respect for our other guests and to ensure the best tour for everyone, we must start the tour on time.
  • You will not be able to join the tour, get a refund or reschedule if you are late for the tour and miss the group.
Cancel Policy
  • For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the tour starting time.
  • Free date/time rescheduling up to 24 hours before the tour starting time (depending on availability).
FAQ of This Tour
How many bars are we going to visit?

We will be visiting three bars

What is the minimum age allowed to join this tour?

Anyone over 15 years old can join this tour but only those who are 20 years or older are allowed to drink alcohol by Japanese law.

I don't drink alcohol, do you have other options?

If you don't drink alcohol, there are also soft drinks you can choose

Do you have vegan/vegetarian options?

Vegetarian food is available. You get to choose food from various choices at each bar.

Do I need to pay for the guide's food and drink?

No, you don't. Your guide will pay for their own food and drinks

Are all of the bars are non-smoking?

Most of the bars we visit are non-smoking but we could possibly visit the place where smoking is allowed. Please note that we may not be able to change the tour venues in this case.

I do not eat fish / some particular seafood.

If you don't eat fish or other seafood, you don't need to worry. We offer a variety of food in our menu to choose from. We try to balance between meat, fish, and vegetarian options so you always can enjoy eating at every bar. Please remember to put that in your booking comments so that our guide can be well-prepared for it.

Is it possible to pay for additional drink and food?

Yeah, no problem. If you are a big drinker or eater, we'd recommend to bring some extra cash (not every place can accept credit cards)

What's the difference between this tour and Shibuya Bar Hopping Tour?

Besides the tour is taken place in Shibuya, in the Shibuya Bar Hopping Tour, we hop on to different styles of food alleys and izakaya bars with the different atmosphere!

If you have two nights in Tokyo, why don't you join both?

More questions? Please check out the general Q&As.

Please visit Help Center for general inquiries.

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