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Osaka Local Foodie Tour in Dotonbori and Shinsekai

Osaka Local Foodie Tour in Dotonbori and Shinsekai Try Osaka's must-eat foods

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  • 3 hour tour
  • Small group tour
  • English speaking guide

What makes this tour unique

  • An all-inclusive food tour where you will get to eat 8 different Osaka specialities, selected by our local guide.
  • In 3 hours, enjoy a wide array of different Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki and Kushikatsu, and learn about its origins.
  • Explore hidden alleys and temples, away from the main streets (and crowds!) to learn the history of Osaka first-hand from a local.
Why Shiori Recommends This Tour

Tips and recommendations by our official guides

Being an Osaka native, Dotonbori and Shinsekai have always held a special place in my heart. I'm passionate about showcasing the warmth and vibrancy of Osaka to people around the globe. Join us as we delve into Osaka's culinary culture, guiding you to our handpicked Okonomiyaki, Kushikatsu, and other delightful food spots.

Our food tour isn't just about exploring popular tourist attractions and local eateries; it's a journey through the city's rich history and development. We'll unveil hidden gems typically frequented only by locals, ensuring an efficient yet immersive experience across various captivating locations. Witness firsthand the juxtaposition of Osaka's modern and traditional cultures, as we navigate areas that have remained unchanged alongside those that have evolved significantly over time.

Suitable for individuals of all ages, from youngsters to seniors, this tour promises enjoyment for everyone. Whether you're a couple seeking a romantic outing or a family eager to bond over shared experiences, this tour offers enriching insights into the heart of Osaka.

We're eager to share our love for this incredible city with you! Let our passionate local guides accompany you, ensuring your trip to Osaka is filled with unforgettable memories.


Official guide

What's included
6 pieces of Kushikatsu
Kushikatsu is a Japanese dish of deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables. ※ Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menu are not available.
1 box of Takoyaki
Takoyaki is a round, fried food made from batter, small pieces of tender octopus and other ingredients.
3 drinks
Both alcohol and non-alcohol available
Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake-like delicacy with amazing toppings that brings together various flavors.
An English-speaking guide
3 hours with a local guide
Tour Photos
You'll get photos taken during the tour by your guide after the tour via email.

Feel the nostalgia of the past in Shinsekai with your palate with local foods such as Kushikatsu.

This 3-hour food journey will start with a visit to the Shinto shrine in Shinsekai. You will learn how Shinto is related to the lives of Japanese people at this shrine, which millions visit every New Year season! As you step into the heart of Shinsekai, you'll encounter an old bustling commercial district with the Tsutenkaku Tower as its symbol. Over 60 years ago, when this 103-meter observation tower was built, it caused great excitement among the people of Osaka. Enjoying Kushi-katsu in the center of Shinsekai before heading to Dotonbori, you'll feel the nostalgic atmosphere of this town!

Step in time as your guide takes you through a food alley from the past.

The "museum-like" alley offers a virtual experience of Osaka's center as it existed over 80 years ago. It's astonishing how much history you can uncover in this narrow alley, spanning just 1.2 meters in width. The artwork adorning the walls creates a unique ambiance, transporting visitors back to bygone days. Exiting the alley, we'll visit a quaint temple nestled between Namba's bright neon signs and bustling shopping streets. Stepping into this temple feels like journeying from the modern era back in time. Taking a moment to delve into Osaka's history provides a brief respite before we proceed to a local Okonomiyaki restaurant in the Dotonbori area!

Stuff yourself like you mean it at Dotonbori, the "nation's kitchen" with local foods like okonomiyaki and takoyaki.

Dotonbori has long stood as a symbol of Osaka! Historically, it was a bustling merchant city and during the Edo period, it emerged as a pivotal center for the rice trade. This legacy has earned it the title of the "nation's kitchen." Today, it continues to be the liveliest part of Osaka. To conclude our food journey in Osaka, let's explore the local recommended Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki spots nestled in this culinary heartland of Dotonbori!

Meeting Point

In front of the exit of Imamiya ebisu station, Nankai Kouya line.

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  • In front of the exit of Imamiya ebisu station, Nankai Kouya line.
  • A guide will be holding a sign saying "MagicalTrip"


  • Meeting Place: Imamiya ebisu station, Nankai Kouya line.
  • Shinsekai
  • Dotombori
  • The tour ends at Namba Station
  • The restaurant industry faces difficulty in hiring restaurant staff and training them due to many restaurant staff having to quit or having gotten laid off during the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, food and drinks at some restaurants may be served late making the tour last longer than originally scheduled. We kindly ask for your understanding
  • Because most Japanese restaurants are not fully ready for providing vegetarian menus, limited choices of vegetarian foods in our tour is available.
  • If you would like a vegetarian course, please request in advance (by the day before). We are unable to provide a vegetarian course upon request on the day of the tour.
  • We are unable to accommodate gluten-free requests for this tour.
  • All ages can join this tour.
  • Please note that there might be other participants.

  • You do not need to pay for guide's food and drinks.
  • This tour could possibly visit places where smoking is not prohibited. Please note that we may not be able to change the tour venues in this case.
  • The itinerary for this tour includes some locations that are not accessible by a wheelchair or stroller.
  • This tour is not recommended for people with mobility issues, if you have walking problems we recommend booking a private tour.
  • Please note that we are unable to guarantee allergy-free or cater to dietary restrictions as the food is prepared in kitchens that do not belong to MagicalTrip. Additionally, there may be instances where substitutions are not possible at certain stops; however, we will make every effort to compensate at different stops throughout the tour.
  • Out of respect for other guests and to ensure the best tour for everyone, we must start the tour on time.
  • You will not be able to join the tour, get a refund or reschedule if you are late for the tour and miss the group.
  • You are welcome to bring your young children and baby on this tour, but if you would like to leave your children with a sitter, we can refer you to an outside sitter service, please contact us before booking.
Cancel Policy
  • For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the tour starting time.
  • Free date/time change up to 24 hours till the tour starting time (depending on availability).
  • Being late for more than 5 minutes without contacting us will be regarded as a cancellation without any refund.
FAQ of This Tour
Where does this tour end?

This tour ends at Dotonbori. If you would like to go back to the meeting place, your guide will tell you how to get back.

Can children join this tour?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your young children and baby on this tour. children age 4 -15 can get food tastings and drinks.

More questions? Please check out the general Q&As.

Please visit Help Center for general inquiries.

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