Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Check our list if your answer is there. Send us a message if you need a specific question answered.

General Questions

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    Q: Is the tour still available for today or tomorrow?
    A: Please check the calendar on the product page. If the date is not selectable, it is not available.
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    Q: Where is the meeting place exactly?
    A: Please check the Meeting Point section on the product page.
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    Q: What is included?
    A: Please check the What is included section on the product page.
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    Q: How can I pay?
    A: You can pay online using a credit card or Paypal.
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    Q: My credit card is not accepted when I try to pay
    A: Please try the following steps:
    - Try paying with your credit card on Paypal
    - Try paying with a Paypal account
    - Try a different credit card
    - Contact your bank why your credit card is not working
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    Q: What time does the tour start?
    A: Please check the calendar on the product page to see the tour starting times for each day.

Bar Hopping Questions

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    Q: How big is the tour group?
    A: This is a small group tour with normally 3 - 6 people per group.
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    Q: Can I join the tour alone?
    A: Yes, of course. We have had many solo travellers joining the tour. You can have a great time exploring the bars with the guide and other travellers in the group.
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    Q: How long is the tour?
    A: The duration of the tour is 3 hours.
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    Q: How many bars will we visit?
    A: The tour will go to 3 different bars.
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    Q: Do I have to pay for the tour guide drinks and meals?
    A: No, you do not have to pay for the guides drinks and meals.
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    Q: How much do the bars normally cost?
    A: For 2/3 drinks and/or food each izakaya bar can normally cost around 1,000 - 2,000JPY (US$9 - $18) per person.
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    Q: Do the bars accept credit cards or debit cards?
    A: Unfortunately, most bars do not accept credit cards. Please bring some cash for your drinks and food.
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    Q: Do the bars have vegetarian options?
    A: Yes, there are vegetarian options at all the bars we go to.
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    Q: Can children join the tour?
    A: Yes, children over 13 years old are allowed to join. But please note that in most bars there are people smoking, and that you must be 20 years old or older to drink alcohol.
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    Q: Can I change my reservation time / date after booking?
    A: Yes, you can change your reservation time and/or date until 3 hours before the tour start time.
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    Q: Is there a cancellation fee?
    A: If you cancel at least 24 hours before the tour starting time you can get a full refund.
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    Q: How can I find the guide?
    A: You can find your guide at the meeting point specified on the product page. The guide will be holding a red board saying 'MagicalTrip'. Also before the tour we will send you contact information of your guide, so you can contact the guide if you have problems finding him / her. If you still have problems finding the guide please call us or send us an email.
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    Q: Which is the best day of the week and time to do the tour?
    A: Any day and time that you can book are great for doing the tour. Friday and Saturday nights can be extra crowded.
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    Q: We have a big group with more than 5 people. Can we still do the tour?
    A: Please send us an email, and we will check the possibilities.
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    Q: I don’t drink alcohol. Can I still join the tour?
    A: Of course! At all the bars we go there are tasty non-alcoholic drinks available. Ask your guide for some great recommendations.