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What's a Magical Trip Guide?

MagicalTrip Local Guides are enthusiastic locals who can't wait to show you around their neighborhoods.
They are:


MagicalTrip Local Guides are friendly and outgoing. They are real people with various backgrounds, interests, and personalities. And guess what? They enjoy meeting you as much as you do them.


MagicalTrip Local Guides are helpful. They will help you understand local culture and lifestyles, and above all, they will do everything they can to make sure you have a great time – the local way.


MagicalTrip Local Guides are knowledgeable. All guides have been carefully selected and complete a comprehensive training course before they are allowed out on their own. Even the veterans continue to hone their skills with MagicalTrip's ongoing development program. As a tourist, your vacation days are limited. Why not make the most of it with an expert guide?

Why Choose Us?

Our Local Guides are
the Best!

Our local guides are the heart and soul of the MagicalTrip experience, and all guides work exclusively with us. This new way of traveling is sure to be the highlight of your trip!

No Two Tours are
the Same!

At Magical Trip, we keep our tours small. Connect with the local community on a personal level by getting to know our talented guides, as well as other travelers and any locals you may encounter on your adventure. Magical Trip Local Guides never read from a script. Everything is a spontaneous, one-time-only experience (the best part of travel in our opinion), but with a friendly local to help you understand what’s going on!

it’s More than
just Sightseeing

Have you ever longed to get a glimpse on how the locals go about their everyday lives? MagicalTrip Local Guides are your key. They will lead you away from tourist traps and invite you to join in on what they really enjoy doing in their neighbourhoods. Hit the streets and enjoy your vacations like a local, with a local.

By the time the tour is over, you will have made a new friend. And you will have a deep connection with this new country.

Hear What Others Have to Say

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    Osaka Bar Hopping

    Upon arrival, Yuka made us feel welcomed and create a friendly atmosphere which make a fantastic start! Yuka has a warm and outgoing personality.

    - Chester

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    Osaka Bar Hopping

    Yaeko’s spirit and warmth made this a fantastic tour. We felt like we were hanging out with a friend who just happened to be a fantastic local expert! I wouldn’t hesitate to book this again. Thank you Yaeko!

    - Taryn

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    Shibuya Bar Hopping

    Sho is a nice guy. He took me around and tell the story behind in local perspective. This wouldn't be happened if you just strolling around by yourself. It was very informative and Sho made sure to create an interesting and unforgettable experience.

    - Maruli

  • Kei

    Shinjuku Bar Hopping

    Kei was an excellent guide for our first night in Tokyo. We enjoyed learning some Japanese words and phrases while enjoying some tasty food in Shinjuku.

    - Amando

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    Osaka Bar Hopping

    We had so much fun! Yuki was so kind and thoughtful. He encouraged us to try a variety of Osaka's best food and try new flavors of our favorite - Chuhai! Would recommend this tour to anyone who wants to get a taste of the city from a local perspective.

    - Claire

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    Shinjuku Bar Hopping

    I had such a great time with Mai. It was like going out with a friend. She was really welcoming, had great recommendations and we went to cool places that I would have never found otherwise. The tour really set me up well for the rest of my trip in Japan - like what locals like to eat and drink as well as food etiquette!

    - Elspeth

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