Things to Do Shinjuku

A Must Visit Area in Tokyo

If it is your first time in Tokyo, you probably have heard of Shinjuku. Besides being one of the biggests areas of Tokyo, it is also known for being one of the biggests and famous nightlife districts. If your staying in Tokyo, most likely you will be staying around Shinjuku as the area is populated with many hotels, hostels, and places to stay. Let us dive in and let you know some of the best things to do in and around the area we love.

Exploring the Shinjuku in the Day Time

The day time in the Shinjuku is not as lively as the night time, however there are a lot of interesting and fun things to do in the day time that most travelers overlook.
Located at the heart of Shinjuku area is Shinjuku Gyoen National Park, famous for being one of the best places to view Cherry Blossoms trees. If your in Shinjuku in the Spring, the park is the best place to view Cherry Blossoms as it has hundreds of Cherry Blossom trees lined up in and around the park. After Spring, the park is one of the best places for playing sports, having a picnic, or simply relaxing yourself for a little bit.

Photo by Josh Wilburne on Unsplash

If you ever watched the anime Kimi no na wa, then you should take a trip down to the town of Yotsuya located in Shinjuku. Yotsuya is a neighborhood that is very close to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Park, the neighborhood is famous for its many historical landmarks such as temples and graves but also being one of the inspirations for scenes in the anime. Most notably the ending scene where the main characters meet. Journey to this area and dive into the movie scenes.

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Things to Do in Shinjuku at Night

A lot of things come to mind when people think of Tokyo. One of the first things that come to mind is the CyberPunk atmosphere. In Shinjuku during the night you can experience that cyberpunk atmosphere first hand by roaming around the area. Shinjuku is also home to having an abundance of night clubs, bars, and shows which makes it one of the busiests areas when the sun sets.

However if your in search of the CyberPunk atmosphere, then it can be very hard to find without a guide. Since Shinjuku is huge, most of the places you find are often places especially make themselves visible towards travelers as Shinjuku is home to many hotels and hostels. To find the CyberPunk atmosphere in the area, you can venture down to the famous Golden Gai District or Omoide Yokocho which boasts many tiny bars lined up in the alley. But even if you find the area, it may be hard to go inside the shops as many may not cater to those who cannot communicate in Japanese. We suggest going on our tour of Bar Hopping in Shinjuku to fully experience the nightlife and cyberpunk atmosphere of Shinjuku. We take you to these hidden gems of Shinjuku and overall just have fun in making your trip unforgettable. Check out the tour here

Photo by Josh Wilburne on Unsplash

Of course you cannot miss the food in Tokyo, the bars in Shinjuku at night have many delicious food made right in front of you! It is the best place to taste many great and authentic food Japanese food. From yakitori to sushi and beyond, the streets of Shinjuku will show you why many travelers keep comming back for more and why many locals enjoy eating in Shinjuku. You can experience these street foods at the tour mention above or you can check out our Shinjuku Food Tour which specifically focuses only on food in the area.