Wargo Asakusa Shop - Standard Kimono Rental

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Wargo Asakusa Shop - Standard Kimono Rental
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$29.64 USD

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  • Friendly Staff! Wide range of Kimono to choose from.. Collect photos after 1.5hr.. Reserve the store when you are in Tokyo..

  • My dream come true and I like the kimono very much.I was so happy .Also the staff in Gion Kyoto were so nice,I miss them too,hope we can meet very soon, thank you so much! ありがとう!

  • Thank you so much for your excellent services! I know it must be very hard for you to do kimono kitsuke for our 16 people family members, but you do it in excellency and friendly face! really recommended place to wear kimono during your trip to Asakusa,Tokyo. they even can do photo shoot in their studio. thank you so much, wargo gion! you really made our day!!!


Minimum Booking: 1 person

$29.64 USD

an hour tour with guide, english language

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