Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour at Local Taverns in Shinjuku

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Tokyo Bar Hopping Tour at Local Taverns in Shinjuku
Night Tours, Bars, Nightlife, Izakaya
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Awesome experience, we went to places I never knew existed and got to eat some great food and drank so much drinks. Atmosphere went beyond my expectations and the music in the area was on point. Our guide showed us a delicious ramen shop to end the night and it was fantastic!
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This Shinjuku and Ebisu bar hopping tour with a friendly English-speaking guide will bring you to the lively streets of Tokyo’s night time bar districts. This tour features several delicious culinary local food at Japanese bars and taverns (Izakaya).
Enjoy the local food and drinks at local Japanese bars you might not find or enter on your own!

Meet Your Guide and Discover the Hidden Gems of Tokyo

On arrival at the meeting point, our tour guide will take you around Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho and Ebisu Yokocho where locals usually go to have a drink in Tokyo. Here you can experience the backstreets of Tokyo that are normally hard to find for tourists seeking authentic local dishes and drinks.

Drink at Local Bars and Taverns - Enjoy Japanese Sake and Food

While walking around the area, we know you want to try out some of the places so why not have a drink and eat local cuisines. As part of the tour, you can experience eating and drinking at the taverns and bars in the area. Our tour guide will show you the best places around the area to dine in. Have an entertaining Bar Hopping experience in Tokyo while interacting with local people and enjoying good Japanese food and alcohol!

Finish the Night with Style! Enjoy the AFURI Citron Salt Japanese Ramen

Feeling a little hangover? Are you hungry after all the drinking? In Japan, there is a culture to finish the night with ramen. “AFURI” is a popular ramen restaurant amongst the local Japanese people. The citron salt ramen with golden soup made from natural water beautifully topped with fresh ingredients is a must try. The ramen's perfect harmony of richness and lightness makes it a perfect way to finish the night. As an optional part of the tour, our tour guide can take you to this shop where you can enjoy this delicious ramen. Please, give this wonderful ramen at “AFURI” a try!

Say Goodbye to your Guide! Wrapping the Night Up

You will get back to Ebisu Station and say goodbye to your guide at the station. Don't worry, your guide will show you how to go back to your accommodation. Don't fall asleep, or you might miss your stop :)

Meeting Place

  • Uniqlo Shinjuku Nishiguchi shop
    3 minutes walk from JR Shinjuku station East Exit


  • Professional guide
  • Transportation fee in the tour
  • 3 food & 3 drinks

Not Included

  • Additional food and drink fee
  • Transportation to meeting point & from the ending point to your accommodation
  • Ramen (optional)


◇6:00 pm Depart from meeting point at Shinjuku Station West exit
・Meeting 5 min prior to the departure time.

↓ 5 min walk

◇Omoide Yokocho(90 mins)
・This Street is established more than 70 years ago.Experience the local atmosphere
・Enjoy the local food and drinks at local Japanese bars

↓ 7 min by train

◇Ebisu yokocho(90 mins)
・Ebisu yokocho is very popular bar street for Japanese workers and always crowded with many people.About 20 bars are located here.
・Interact with local people and enjoy good Japanese food and alchol

↓ 1 min walk

◇Ramen shop "Afuri" (30 mins) ##Optional
・Have tasty ramen at one of the popular ramen shop in Tokyo
◇Around 10:00 pm Return to Ebisu Station exit.


  • Please note that there may be other participants.
  • Eating ramen is optional.
  • If you would like to eat Ramen at the end, please let your guide know that. (You need to pay for it on your own)

Cancel Policy

Reservations may be cancelled without a charge up to 8 days prior to the program date Reservations cancelled less than 7 days before the program date will incur the following charges:

  • Between 7 days prior and 1 day prior to the reservation date: 100% of the program charge
  • Cancellation after the starting time or no show: 100% of the program charge.
  • Time in Japan Standard Time

Creator of this Experience

Hello I'm Yusuke. First of all,I love drinking!I usually drink almost everyday with my friends and people I meet at bar. In this tour,I will introduce you one of my most favorite bar street,Shinjuku omoide yokocho and ebisu yokocho.Shinjuku omoide yokocho is very historical bar street and has lively atmosphere. The price of dishes and drinks here is low,so you can enjoy it easily! Ebisu yokocho is always crowded with local people and has great atmosphere as well.You can enjoy not only interacting with local people but the music performance and magic trick.Of course,the taste of dishes and drinks are excellent.I created this experience because Tokyo has a very fun and unique nightlife culture.When the sun sets after a busy work day, the atmosphere of Tokyo changes into a wild adventure. The nightlife of Tokyo brings out the fun and excitement of everyday locals who are looking to unwind and have a great time. Available only here on Magical Trip, Come join us on this bar hopping adventure and together let's experience this unique atmosphere without any cultural or language barriers!

MagicalTrip Editor

Traveler reviews See all 16 reviews

  • Been living in Japan for 1 year. Discovered interesting places i would never visit alone. The guide was awesome!

  • Great food. Great company.

  • I was curious about local tokyo nightlife and I can tell you I'm NOT disappointed! Everyone was so social :) We had a great night!

  • One of our best memories in Japan! This tour was fantastic and one of our highlights of our Japan trip!! Our guide Yusuke was very kind and flexible. We could not have had such a wonderful unique experience without him!

  • Our guide Yusuke provided us with a great night tour of the backstreet Izakaya hopping in Tokyo. We tasted Yakitori and local sake? and many other small bites and tastes. He took us to all secret places we couldn't have reached.!! Thank you Yusuke!!

  • I didn't expect that other people would join.. but It was fun and reasonable.

  • This tour was on our last day in Japan. We wanted to do something locals do. This bar hopping tour was exactly what we were looking for. It was absolutely fabulous tour. We got to eat all local food like Yakitori, Meat sushi, Tofu, the miso stew (I don't remember what it's called) they were absolutely fantastic!! To Yusuke, Thanks for making our night so special! Don't worry, we made it to the airport next morning ;) We will definitely come back!!

  • We had a great time on the bar hopping tour with Yusuke. He was eager to share his culture with us and he even gave us other recommendations and help with the rest of our trip in Japan.

  • It was a well planned combination of history and gourmet,, Thank you Yusuke- san,

  • Awesome experience, we went to places I never knew existed and got to eat some great food and drank so much drinks. Atmosphere went beyond my expectations and the music in the area was on point. Our guide showed us a delicious ramen shop to end the night and it was fantastic!

  • Kaneuchi is a great guide. He made us feel at home in Tokyo! Highly recommend it.

  • Had a great night! Our guide (thanks Kaneuchi-kun!) took us to really local Japanese style restaurants and took care of everything for us. Next time I go to Japan I want to do it again. Please add Bar Hopping in Kyoto as well!

  • I was in Tokyo visiting a friend but had a few days to myself and decided to join their bar hopping experience to meet some people. Ryosuke and Marcelo were great guides and we got to experience the local hangs in Shinjuku -- yakitori, a Japanese sweets + drinks place, yokocho... It might be intimidating going solo to the more local spots especially with the language barrier but being part of a knowledgeable, friendly, welcoming group helps. I think the coolest part is that we ended up meeting more people along the way (I have to say Japanese folks are the friendliest people on earth) and they hung out with us for rest of the night! Super fun. I pretty much forgot I was on a tour. Practically just a night out with some new friends. There is an initial itinerary but it's open and so they'll really tailor it to preferences and how the night's going. All around a fantastic experience and would visit and hang out with them next time I go back no question. Go for it!

  • Had two excellent guides who showed us bars we would have never found on our own. Plus they were very adaptable to our interests and answered all the questions we asked. The guide was like a friend talking us out on the town

  • Our guides spoke great English and were extremely personable, not just polite but personal. They catered to our needs and made reservations ahead with small local places to help us navigate beyond the surface street façade bars, deeper down local alleyways in Shinjuku and Ebisu where we would otherwise have to compete with locals for a seat. It was an experience we would never have been able to achieve without them, even though I am able to speak some Japanese. They gave us the confidence to drink and enjoy like locals!


Minimum Booking: 1 person

12,000 JPY
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5 hours tour with guide, english language

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