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Getting to the essence of Zen teaching at Daitokuji Temple

Kyoto & Eastern Kansai


Daitoku-ji temple is the most prestigious Zen temple in Kyoto which has handed down the doctrine of Zen Buddhism since 700 years ago and nurtured the tea ceremony. In the precinct, there are 24 sub-temples and among them those that are generally open to the public are Ryogen-in Temple, Zuiho-in Temple, Daisen-in Temple and Koto-in Temple.You visit Daisen-in temple and Kouto-in temple. After that you will the Imamiya shrine, one of the oldest shrines in Kyoto and finally enjoy the beautiful view of the garden through the windows at Genko-an, which is very famous by the two windows, a round window and a square window.


Pick up at your hotel (The picking applicable hotels are limited to the hotels between Higashi-oji-dori and Nishi-oji-dori (to the east and west) and Imadegawa-dori and Jujo-dori(to the north and south). If you need a taxi or a hired car an additional fee will be charged.)
Daitoku-jiTempleIn the precinct where the approach of the stone pavement and the row of pine trees are beautiful there are 24 sub temples enclosing the main temple buildings. The spirit of predecessors who dedicated themselves to Zen Buddhism can be felt still today.
Daisen-inDaisen-in temple is known for its main hall that has been designated a national treasure and the dry landscape garden which is both a Special Historic Site and a Special Place of Scenic Beauty.nWhen you confront patiently and carefully the garden the masterpiece of the dry landscape garden the huge stone is seen like a steep mountain and the white sand begins to be seen like water running down the waterfall.
Koto-in TempleKoto-in was built by Hosaokawa Tadaoki who was a military commander during Japan's Sengoku (Warring States) Period.nIts main attractions include the approach to the temple. Along the approach you can feel subtle and profound atmosphere. Second the shoin or receiving hall which is said to have been a residence of the famous tea master Sen-no-rikyu and was moved to its present location by Hosokawa Tadaoki. Third the famous tea house known as Shoko-ken.
Imamiya ShrineImamiya shrine is the leading old shrine that kept an epidemic and an accident in people from the Heian era’s.nEven in the present days many people visit this shrine for praying for safety of the family state of perfect health and good match.nWhat do you pray for?
Genko-anThis Zen temple is one the few temples in Kyoto that belongs to the Soto sect.The most distinctive feature of Genko-an is two windows. One is a round window called Satori-no-mado or the Window of Enlightenment represents maturity completeness and enlightenment. The other is a square window called Mayoi-no-mado.or the Window of hesitation represents confusion ignorance and life of human suffering. Viewing the beautiful scenery through these windows you might get the essence of Zen teaching not to obtain something but to get rid of something thorough meditation.

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Departs Kyoto
Duration(hours) 4
Tour Guide Language ・English・Chinese汉语(If requested)
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Pick up at your hotel (The picking applicable hotels are limited to the hotels between Higashi-oji-dori and Nishi-oji-dori (to the east and west) and Imadegawa-dori and Jujo-dori(to the north and south). If you need a taxi or a hired car, an additional fee will be charged.)

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