Shamisen Banjo
$112 USD
⛄ 2018 WINTER To SPRING SALE 🌸Ends in 8 days 4 hrs. 30 mins. 38 secs.
2 hours Tour with Guide, English Language.

Shamisen Banjo

$112 USD

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Planning on traveling to Japan? The tour starts at the heart of Tokyo (Shinjuku). If you have any questions about the bar hopping tour, be free to ask us via chat or e-mail anytime!

Traveler reviews (2)

  • yyasko
    reviewed 5 months ago

    It's very rare experience and it was really...

    It's very rare experience and it was really interesting. I'm not good at playing musical instruments but the teacher was very kind so I could play "Sakura Sakura" at last. Her performance was also good.

  • RRina.S
    reviewed 2 years ago

    It was great to experience the traditional...

    It was great to experience the traditional Japanese musical instruments! Shamisen is like a Japanese guitar, which has quite similar playing style but completely different sounds. It was fun to play it and I really wanna get one with me if not too...

$112 USD

2 hours tour with guide, english language

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