Cooking Lesson of Japanese daily cuisine in Kyoto

Cooking Japanese Foods
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Cooking Lesson of Japanese daily cuisine in Kyoto
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  • I went to Japan for the first time and wanted to experiecne something special in Japan, so I decided to participate in the cooking class of Japanese food. I was glad to do because Any of my friends haven't experiened cooking Japanese food, so they envy me. I've dicided to go to Japan and join this program again.

  • My friend wanted to join this class, so I also did. The most attracitve point in this class is that you can make and eat Japanese house dishes.

  • It was so nice because we could make Japanese home cooking. I had never made and eaten them before. An instructer taught us very kindly despite our clumsiness, so we could enjoy.


Minimum Booking: 1 person

$89.33 USD

3 hours tour with guide, english language

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