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3h tour with guide, English language

Stairway to Shintoism Guided by Shinto Priest

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Meet the Local Guides on this tour

  • ● You can learn about the essence of Shinto from the shrine guides.
  • ● You can enter the shrine to see or experience a Shinto ritual and learn the meanings of the rituals.
  • ● You will obtain special permission to take photos of shinto rituals under rules. Usually taking photos of shinto rituals are prohibited.
What's included
  • (* Optional)
  • - Actual shinto pray during shrine ritual: 5,000 yen (tax included) / person
  • - Wear Kariginu: 5,000 yen (tax included) / person
Not included
  • Food&Drinks
The Trip Creator

Originally, I worked as a PR and advertisement professional in one of the leading advertising agency in Japan. However, after being obsessed with the charm of Shinto, I resigned from the company and went on to study Shinto, acquiring the qualification of a priest. I am now serving as a priest at several shrines and researching about ancient Japanese language "Yamato Kobotoba".

The shrine headquarters, which is the general organization of Shinto, expresses the shrine as "Japanese Faith" instead of "Religous".Yes, indeed. Shinto has a unique way of thinking that distinguishes it from other culture. I would like to tell you about its charming points. I can guide the shrine while lecturing about Shintoism, which tends to be difficult and abstract, in a easy-to-understand way. Since I am a priest, it is possible to provide the experience of shrine ritual held in the shrine too.I am also providing a tour in Shibuya to understand about Shinto deeply.

I can also guide you to enjoy the traditional festival as much as possible.(Did you know that Japanese traditional festival "Matsuri" is organized by the shrine?) If you are interested in Shinto underlying in the Japanese culture, please contact me.By understanding the way of Shintoism, next time when you visit a shrine during a trip to Japan, you will definitely have a different feeling.

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Meet the Local Guides on this tour

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