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Mito Bar Hopping Tour
per person

Mito Bar Hopping TourExplore local drinks and foods with the glimpse of early modern times

  • 3 hour tour
  • Small group tour
  • English speaking guide
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per person
What makes this tour unique
  • Enjoy locally produced sake as well as any selection of what Japanese Izakaya has to offer.
  • Try dishes such as Anglerfish and Natto that are uniquely produced in Ibaraki.
  • Feel the history of the Edo period as you explore samurai clan school and the Shogun's Toshogu shrine.
What's included
  • 1 drink & 1 Yakitori chicken skewer plate at 1st bar
  • Hopping 3 local izakaya bars with a local guide
  • Photos during the tour
Not included
  • Food & drinks at 2nd and 3rd bars (Available for purchase at the bars)

Do you like to feel the history of Japan? And do you like good Japanese bars? Do you also wish to try out local cuisine that you cannot try in Tokyo or any other large cities? Then why not come over to Mito!

In old times, the feudal lords of Mito were one of the three most powerful families that had bonds to the Shogun during the Edo period and had the prosperity in culture and traditions, that have been suceeded to today. What Mito has for sightseeing is a lot, and one of the most famous ones is Kairaku-en that locates right at the boundary from the city center. A lot of tourists of the locals and international visitors visit it for the scenic beauty such as spring plum flowers.

We created this amazing bar hopping tour in the heart of the city center where you can still find other historical venues such as the Samurai clan school, Mito castle ruins, and Shogun's Toshogu shrine. We are going to hop three different Japanese local bars to enjoy the food and drinks.

As you hop through various bars, we will pass through some historical venues so that we can chill and get to know good historical facts about Mito city and Japan itself. What an adventure!

Go beyond what tourists do and be like a local in Mito. Let's have fun together!

Cheers and try the most regular bar cuisine in the 1st bar

We are going to start off at the front of the statue of Mito Komon (outside of Mito station). While meeting up, let's learn the basic facts of this legendary figure. Your guide will then lead you to the 1st bar that features Yakitori chicken skewers. Here, you can pick up local bars to go on the next as the 2nd and 3rd places and explore deeper together.

Let's explore to chill and indulge in the local historical scene

Mito, that once had a strong bond with the Shogun in the Edo period, is rich in history. The city center has many historical places such as the Shogun's Toshogu Shrine, Mito castle ruins as well as the Samurai clan school from 19th century. Everything is in a walkable distance and very nice venues to chill at too.

Try out the local cuisine and have fun like the locals do

Mito is famous for Natto. Natto is divisive, but has its core fans. Mito has a variety of dishes cooked using Natto that is surprisingly, diverse. All Natto-lovers and haters are all welcome to try out, if you are interested. The Japanese say "Anglerfish in the east and puffer fish in the west". The town right next to Mito is famous as the site of Anglerfish. Why don't you try them in Tempura or hot pot too?

Meeting Point
In front of the statue of Mito Komon (JR Mito Station the North Exit square)
  • In front of the statue of Mito Komon (JR Mito Station the North Exit square)
  • Anyone over 15 years old can join this tour but only those who are 20 years or older are allowed to drink alcohol by Japanese law.(Allowed ages info is necessary)
  • You do not need to pay for the guide's food and drinks
  • Please bring some cash for your additional orders
  • Out of respect for our other guests and to ensure the best tour for everyone, we must start the tour on time.
  • Please note that if you are late for more than 15 minutes than meeting time (10 mins before the tour starting time), you will not be able to join the tour, get refund or rescheduled.
Cancel Policy
  • For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the tour starting time.
  • Free date/time rescheduling up to 24 hours before the tour starting time (depending on availability).
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