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Kanazawa Historical District Walking Tour
per person

Kanazawa Historical District Walking TourExperience traditional and historical Japan by exploring the Samurai and Geisha districts of Kanazawa.

  • 4.5 hour tour
  • Small group tour
  • English speaking guide
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per person
What makes this tour unique
  • Explore the historical districts of Kanazawa with a local guide.
  • Try out the legendary "Gold Leaf Ice Cream".
  • Explore one of the top 3 Japanese gardens in Japan!
What's included
  • Entrance to all venues
  • Gold Leaf Ice Cream
  • 4.5 hours with a local friendly and knowledgeable tour guide
  • Tour Photos
Not included
  • Bus ticket transport (¥500 ($5) for one day unlimited travel. Your guide will tell you where to buy.)

Welcome to the beautiful town of Kanazawa, home to 99% of Japan's Gold-leaf production as well as a rich history brimmed with Samurai and Geisha!

This tour kicks off with none other than the Samurai District of Kanazawa! Once you set foot into this district you will immediately feel like you’ve time slipped to back in time to the feudal era of Japan! Here your guide will show you around the restored Samurai residence of the Nomura family a once highly ranked Samurai family so you can get a feel for the life of the Samurai as it would have been back in the day!

After exploring the Samurai district, your friendly local guide will take you next to one of Japan’s top 3 landscape gardens; the gorgeous Kenrokuen Garden, as well as Kanazawa Castle and its grounds for a quick history lesson. The spacious Kenrokuen is beautiful throughout all the seasons, and its spacious grounds and unique man-made features lined exquisitely with nature will surely mesmerize you.

After admiring Japan’s beautiful nature and landscape garden masterpiece Kenrokuen, your guide will take you the famous Geisha district of Kanazawa where you can take an extensive look at an original Tea House where Geisha used to perform!

After all this walking and stuffing your brain with all that new knowledge, your guide will treat you to a delicious soft-serve ice cream wrapped in real gold-leaf!!

This tour is perfect for travelers to Japan who have a love for Japanese history and culture, and is a nice hidden spot away from the usual tourist areas of Japan!

Solo travelers, friends, couples and family, all are welcome to join this tour!

Find yourself in the middle of Nagamachi, where remnants of a legendary Kanazawa's Samurai culture remain.

After meeting your guide, you will travel to Nagamachi, a neighborhood once inhabited by a band of Samurais. Here, you will explore the Nomura Clan Samurai House. You will get to see legendary artifacts that date all the way back to a time when Samurais roamed the streets. This amazing journey has just begun!

Breathe in the exquisite essence of one of Kanazawa's finest landscape gardens

Welcome to Kanazawa Castle Gardens and Kenroku-en, one of the finest Japanese gardens in the world. Feel the awesome aura of surrounding man-made structures such as castles and also creations of nature. Your local guide will take you through the hidden spots as well as some great spots for photos.

Stroll through Kanazawa's most famous Geisha district and try some Gold Leaf Ice Cream!

Enjoy a nice stroll through Higashi-chaya, once a haven of the fabled Geisha. Here, your local guide will take you through historically significant district and show you around an original Japanese Tea House where the Geisha once performed! You will also get to try out the famous "Gold Leaf Ice Cream"!!

Meeting Point
JR Kanazawa Station East Exit Tsuzumi-Gate
  • In front of Tsuzumi-Gate at JR Kanazawa Station East Exit
  • All ages are welcome on this tour.
  • You do not need to pay for the guide's food and drinks.
  • Please bring some cash for any purchase of souvenirs/drinks etc.
  • Out of respect for our other guests and to ensure the best tour for everyone, we must start the tour on time.
  • Please note that if you are late for more than 15 minutes than meeting time (10 mins before the tour starting time), you will not be able to join the tour, get refund or rescheduled.
Cancel Policy
  • For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the tour starting time.
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