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I'm Eriko

Hi,I am Eriko and from I can speak Kobe-ben (Dialect in kobe). Nowadays I usually drink with friends in Namba area and make new friends. So let's eat yummy local foods a... Read more

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Jan, 2019
reviewed 17 days ago

Eriko instantly created a relaxed and fun atmosphere. I arrived by myself and had new friends by the ends of the night. It was great to go to some izakayas that I wouldn't have... Read more

reviewed a month ago

Everyone had a great time with Eriko! She was a great host to our bar hopping experience! I’ll most likely do it again next year when I come again! It was totally worth it. ( I... Read more

reviewed 2 months ago

This girl is a PEACH! Eriko was the perfect party guide for Namba. This is an excellent experience that should not be missed. Made quick friends from strangers and had a magical... Read more

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