Nostalgic Town Walk Yanaka
$79 USD-37%
$50 USD
3 hours tour with guide, English language

Nostalgic Town Walk Yanaka

$79 USD
-37%$50 USD

Local Guide will take you to the Cafes and the Shops beloved by Locals.

Enjoy the View of Mt. Fuji!

Maybe for the first time in your life, you can dive into a Japanese Sento

The Trip Creator

Hi I'm Yasuko! I created this experience because I lived in Yanaka in my childhood and I want travelers to discover and experience the town that I love strolling through.

Yanaka has been developping as "Tera-machi", the town near by the big temple. Yanaka was not destroyed during WW2, so the landscape and the atmosphere are still remaining. There are lot of shops, which are old and small, but very nice and beloved by locals. Many great writers and famous artists loved this town and had been there, so there are many museums and monuments of them.

In this tour, I'll take you to shops and the cafe in Yanaka-Ginza shopping street and Sento. In old Japanese town, the culture of public bath is still popular. Let's walk through the old Japanese town and enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere!

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Matsushima Yasuko

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    reviewed 6 months ago
    Had a blast walking through a historic town. Even...

    Had a blast walking through a historic town. Even though it was cloudy and we couldn't see Mt. Fuji, our guide was great and showed us a lot of interesting shops and delicious snacks. Drinking beer at the outside stall was an unforgettable experience...

$79 USD
-37%$50 USD

3 hours tour with guide, english language

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