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Asakusa Bar Crawl in local backstreets
$32.08 USD

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3 hours Tour with Guide, English Language.

Asakusa Bar Crawl in local backstreets

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Minimum Booking: 1 person

$32.08 USD

The Trip Creator

HI! I'm Ryo! How much do you know about the charms of Asakusa? The truth is, there are two faces of Asakusa. One is the face during the day, populated with tourists, and the other is the face of the night, where locals gather together. Asakusa is known more for its face of the day, however the face of the night actually has a lot of attractions. For example, the Kaminari Gate and the Nakamise shoppping street are lit up, exposing a dreamlike atmosphere since there are less people, and the retro bars are invigorated up by the local people.
This unique tour focuses Asakusa’s face of the night. So, you guys are able to directly learn about Japan’s local charms through good food and interaction with people.
We’ll enjoy food at “Hoppy Street”, where the saloons gather! A “hoppy” is a drink made and first sold on 1948 in Japan, and was a drink that became popular due to its beer-like taste and cheap price when beer was expensive after the war.
In Hoppy Street, there are many popular stewed dish, as well as skewered chicken stores. People who are new to the place may not know which store to choose, but they shouldn’t worry about it. I will take you guys to two bars only locals know about.
Let’s have a great time have a conversation with the locals sitting next to you, the store owner, or other fellow travelers.

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Ryosuke Iwase

Experience Creator

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Traveler reviews See all 10 reviews

  • Was super fun, good people, good food, good drinks. Made you feel very welcome and taught us some fun things about Japan. Would definitely go again.

  • We booked with magical trip through our hostel, they took us to see a little bit of Asakusa. It's a great way to meet both Japanese and other people. Had a fun night with good food and drinks. One of the guides even brought us back to the train station. Great service!

  • Nice way to meet fellow travellers and experience the Japanese nightlife. Very friendly staff. I'm a vegetarian, which sometimes can be hard in Japan. This also was no problem at all. Would recommend!


Minimum Booking: 1 person

$32.08 USD

3 hours tour with guide, english language

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