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Welcome to Japan! 😊 How can I help you?
Hi! Can you help me book a restaurant?
Sure! What is the name of the restaurant?
Hmm...I dunno the name...It's a famous ramen restaurant...
Don't worry, I love ramen ❤️🍜. I can help you find it!

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Get connected with a local travel expert wherever you go. Momoko will help you with whatever you need. Book a hotel, find a restaurant, get concert tickets or suggestions on having a wonderful trip that fits your needs. Avoid the language barrier, go anywhere and enjoy the magic of Japan!

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askmomo Features

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I had a hard time communicating with the doctor when I was sick while traveling to Japan. Momoko helped me explain the situation and helped read the prescription. Thank you.

Peter Richards

From USA, 9 September 2017 (beta-tester)

On my last trip to Japan I needed to buy baby food and Momoko was super quick to answer.

Raquel Baptista

From Protugal, 12 June 2017 (beta-tester)

Momoko helped us find the best Ramen in Tokyo. The internet is filled with overhyped and overrated reviews. There’s nothing like the opinion of a local.

Natthaphol P.

From Thailand, 20 August 2017 (beta-tester)

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